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Always stay on the same page

Employees share updates with their team of what they are working on and what their priorities are.
Check-Ins Feature

Communicate more effectively

Employees communicate weekly what they are working on, how they are doing and where they need help. Replace time-consuming reports and email threads with just a few laser-focused questions.

Customize check-ins and cadences

Create templates with customized questions. Set a schedule that matches each team’s individual tempo.

Update OKRs and goals in one go

Simply attach your OKR updates to your scheduled check-in. A simple reminder and a convenient place to keep your goals up to date ensure OKR adoption across your whole organization.

Show appreciation with Check-Ins

Showing gratitude and recognizing others is key to a healthy company culture. Send out weekly reminders to your employees as a gentle nudge to thank someone.

One more step to make work better