Keep OKRs top of mind with check-ins

Use check-ins to remind everyone to update their goals, share what they are working on or what their current priorities are.
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Always stay on the same page

Replace time-consuming meetings and email threads with just a few laser-focused check-in questions.

Schedule check-in reminders

Make sure everyone submits their check-ins with regular reminders via Slack, MS Teams, or email.

Custom questions and templates

Create templates with customized questions for different use cases.

Doing check-ins should be fun

Submit a check-in to record your progress or quickly get an overview of your team’s latest work progress and achievements.

Many types of content

Attach files to your check-ins or be more expressive, e.g. with quotes, images, or GIFs.

Comments and reactions

Celebrate wins with reactions and comments or start a quick discussion for clarification.

Do check-ins from within Microsoft Teams

Receive check-in reminders from the Mooncamp Chatbot and write your check-ins right in Microsoft Teams.

Safe and secure
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World-class support
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Single Sign-on
Google, Microsoft, and all major SAML providers for identity management.