Empowering organizational alignment: Expondo's transformation with Mooncamp

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Expondo is an esteemed eCommerce company based in the dynamic city of Berlin. With an international team of 400 dedicated professionals, they are passionate about providing exceptional service. Expondo’s extensive collection boasts over 6.000 professional products, predominantly sourced from their own brands, to meet the unique requirements of sectors such as gastronomy, industry, sports, home, and garden. Expondo takes pride in serving businesses and consumers, with a special focus on micro-businesses and homeowners, across Europe. At expondo, great emphasis is placed on offering affordable prices, dependable products, and a customer-centric approach.

Bartosz Bandrowski Head of Software Engineering & OKR Champion at Expondo
Bartosz Bandrowski, Head of Software Engineering & OKR Champion at Expondo


The biggest challenge we wanted to address was transparency and cross-department alignment on the goals we pursue. With OKRs, one new challenge occurred: switch from output to outcome orientation.
― Bartosz Bandrowski, Head of Software Engineering & OKR Champion, Expondo

The decision to implement OKRs at Expondo was driven by the need to address transparency and cross-department alignment following a new vision & mission implementation.

As an emerging company, the key challenges faced by Expondo were switching from output to outcome orientation and managing OKRs in an organized, user-friendly manner. The company initially adopted an Excel-based solution to manage OKRs, but this process was cumbersome and lacked the seamless interface they needed for cross-departmental collaboration.

Solution and implementation

Determined to find a better solution, Expondo reviewed a wide range of OKR management platforms, including Mooncamp. The user-friendly design of Mooncamp coupled with its superior user and admin experience proved to be the deciding factor in favor of the software.

After a couple of minutes of using Mooncamp we already felt as if we had been using it for a long time. The user and also admin experience is just that great.
― Bartosz Bandrowski, Expondo

The decision to choose Mooncamp was based on multiple criteria including planning OKRs or archiving certain goals mid-cycle, the ability to represent the organization (i.e. departments, departmental teams, project teams, and individuals) as well as high fidelity progress tracking.

Additionally, the usability of Mooncamp in terms of user interface, language options, and a wealth of training materials made it an ideal choice.
― Bartosz Bandrowski, Expondo

Expondo introduced the new software to the employees by providing them with custom video tutorials that addressed crucial aspects of Mooncamp. This approach, coupled with their previous experience managing OKRs in Excel, facilitated a smooth transition.

The Results

The implementation of OKRs through Mooncamp has led to an increase in communication and collaboration within and between teams. In addition, exchanges and alignment with management expectations have become more transparent and intense. Lastly, Mooncamp’s implementation of OKRs has led to significant productivity gains and time savings across the whole organization.

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