Agile enterprises work in Mooncamp

Mooncamp is a perfect fit for large corporations looking to drive agility and keeping their data secure.
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Move faster while keeping stability

With agility tools like OKRs or pulse surveys, Mooncamp creates alignment, focus, and transparency in your entire organization.

Build resilience into your enterprise

In times where global crises like COVID-19 can turn the business world upside-down in a heartbeat, those who are the most adaptable to change will survive – and thrive.

Enable true bottom-up agility

Mooncamp’s unique architecture allows enterprises to experiment with agile tools on a small scale and then roll out successful experiments quickly.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Mooncamp’s security approach focuses on a secure and reliable infrastructure combined with rigid compliance policies and procedures. This ensures sensitive company and customer information remains secure – at every layer.

Manage large teams with Spaces

Spaces allow you to represent any organizational structure and can take any form, e.g. departments, ad-hoc teams, projects, or locations. Want to move from command-and-control to a network of self-organized teams? No problem – Spaces evolve with you.

Connect with the software you already use

Save time spent switching between applications by integrating with your existing systems. Break down information silos by centralizing information and streamline your workflow processes.

Granular access management

Powerful permission controls allow for extremely granular access management. In Mooncamp, you can not only manage access based on roles, but also manage access of single entities based on custom properties you can create and assign to each user.

Build agility into your enterprise with Mooncamp.

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