Drive alignment and focus with OKRs

Create and manage goals to focus on the things that matter.
Also available for Slack and Microsoft Teams:
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Hundreds of teams of all shapes and sizes trust Mooncamp
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"Mooncamp shows impressively how simple, self-explanatory and appealing modern software for OKR management can be. And at the same time it offers considerably more than comparable products."

Patrick Lobacher , CEO

Easy to start, easy to roll out

Simply invite your employees, start creating or importing your OKRs, hook up your favorite tools and get help from our onboarding team if needed.

Clean and intuitive user interface
Data and collaboration integrations
High quality customer support
OKR Software OKR Software OKR Software OKR Software

Align your organization

Align team goals and individual goals to your organization’s purpose and make every employee aware of what the top priorities are.

Big picture view of your org or team
Identify goals at risk at a glance
Quickly reallocate resources
OKR Software
Commitment and Focus

Accountability drives growth

Unlock growth by allowing everyone to hold each other accountable on whether their actions align with their goals and values.

Efficiency with Integrations

Sit back and watch your work flow

Automate progress updates or embed OKRs into your favorite apps, like Slack, JIRA, or Microsoft Teams. Have a specific connector in mind? Just ask, we’ll get it up and running for you in no time.

Reports and Analytics

See how your org is doing at a glance

Get an overview of how each team is progressing and identify objectives at risk ahead of time to get them back on track.


Celebrate the small things

OKRs need to be fun to be adopted. Drive employee engagement and adoption by praising achievements of your coworkers.

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