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About BearingPoint

Why choose BearingPoint? Well, the clue is in our name. ‘BearingPoint’ originally stems from sail-boat navigation and means a course direction. Our name reflects the fact that we’re a business partner that helps our clients to find their strategic direction and achieve results and outcomes for long-term success.

What makes the difference is not only our diverse, certified agile expertise and holistic service portfolio but also our lengthy and extensive experience.

Our experts deliver more than 100 agile projects every year. We’re passionate about agile transformation, organizational development and change management, and take a people-centered approach. Our consulting is heavily focused on individuals, but with a systemic outlook – one that takes into account the individual’s impact right across their organization, with a thorough understanding of the relationships and interconnections within a system that enables better decision-making and improvements.

Today, BearingPoint has over 300 certified agile experts worldwide whose competencies cover the wide range of agile frameworks and methodologies. These include Scrum, Kanban, Scaling Frameworks like SAFe, Scrum-at-Scale, or LeSS and Objectives & Key Results (OKR), as well as Atlassian platforms. We consult and train in a holistic way, but also coach you where needed, as most of our experts are systemic coaches.

In this way, our certified consultants not only bring Agile skills along with extensive industry and technical expertise and many years of experience in agile transformation, but also the necessary (systemic) coaching and change experience. We nurture a holistic view that delivers sustainable value and greater innovation. We focus not only on high-performing teams but also on the purpose, vision, ambition level, strategy execution, portfolio, future-proof organizational models, leadership, and of course, change and culture.

We are more than consultants: we coach, consult, train and offer a wide range of IPs and partners in our ecosystem. This is why you’ll master the challenges of an agile transformation best with BearingPoint, as factors related to the cultural change of the organization and the qualification of employees are perceived as a challenge following the BearingPoint Agile Pulse Study 2022.