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Fancy the future? When it comes to actively, agilely and above all effectively shaping your own future, GORDON GEISLER Zukunfts-DNA can help.

We have been helping organisations, businesses and individuals to develop since 2004. We love tricky and complex challenges and are good at dealing with them - but we are also masters of the “standard”.

Our founder Gordon Geisler has been doing OKR in Germany since 2014, which is quite a long time. We have also been organising the NewWorkCamp for almost as long.

Our clients often call us empathetic, professional and honest. We believe that we are above all direct, loyal and warm.

In addition to OKR masters, our team includes systemic coaches, personality developers, consultants for strategic organisational development, etc. We see ourselves as an entrepreneurial implementation consultancy: well-founded in theory, pragmatic with a high level of practical relevance and entrepreneurial spirit.

We make the first step easy: Many of our clients benefit from the fact that we use funding programmes that provide financial support for starting to work with us and for which we are certified. With our two quality management certifications, we ourselves know the balancing act between process-orientation and audits and agility and self-efficacy well.


  • OKR (introduction, optimisation)
  • OKR coaching
  • Rent-an-OKR-Master
  • Organisational development & change management
  • Agile Leadership
  • Agile Recruiting