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About noventum consulting

We bring optimism to the digital world of work and design IT and organization in the interests of people and for the benefit of our customers. As a management consultancy and Great Place to Work®, our slogan is: PEOPLE. PROJECTS. QUALITY.

With OKR-interested clients we prefer to start with the OKR bootcamp, which represents the implementation of the four OKR core principles from the beginning of the OKR cooperation:

  • Focus on the Objectives & Key Results method in your environment.
  • Participation of key stakeholders and direct application of the knowledge transferred to your own organization. Transparency and common understanding for all participants about the OKR basics.
  • Assessment after the bootcamp if and how the OKR method can support the achievement of goals in your organization.

How pronounced are your OKR Superpowers?

Take your chance to use the noventum OKR Self Assessment and measure your OKR maturity level quickly and free of charge. Evaluate in a target/actual comparison how fit your organization is for the OKR management method. Your results will show you the most effective levers for designing an OKR framework that suits you.

If OKR feels good as a method and you want to further implement the first joint ideas, we use our change management toolbox to motivate all people involved at an early stage.

In the further course there are then four typical phases of an OKR introduction, which we initiate, moderate and design very closely together with you, so that you can gradually take over these tasks yourself during the further OKR roll-out:

The preparation phase is about creating an understanding for the OKR method and setting the first course. For example, which are the first teams to take the lead in gaining real experience in applying the OKR methodology. Furthermore, at the management level, clear orientation is to be created for system design, including the interaction of mission statement and strategy as well as already established control systems.

For the alignment, the first OKR planning is the starting point. The OKR sets should be outlined in smaller rounds to be harmonized in larger rounds and finally published. In order for this to work with a high level of quality, it requires the targeted empowerment of those involved, which we are happy to consolidate together in half-day bootcamp formats.

In the OKR operation with the (bi-)weekly short check-ins, the transparently managed results are always present. The exchange on hurdles and suitable measures quickly becomes part of the team routine. The high degree of proximity and possible interaction with other agile events and methods is given, and the quantitative nature of the Key Results makes it possible to measure progress and clearly state at the end of the cycle which goals were achieved and how. The insights gained are then the basis for planning and prioritizing the following quarter.

The management and organization of OKRs often starts with Excel. As soon as several teams of an organization ambitiously work with the OKR method, it is necessary to select a smart and suitable software solution that takes both the administration of the OKRs and the exchange of information on them to a new level.

Selected noventum consulting clients

  • Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
  • LVM Insurance
  • SALT AND PEPPER technology
  • Sparkasse Mittelthüringen
  • Stadtwerke Münster


OKR is a building block of our consulting portfolio. Under the umbrella of noventum consulting GmbH we work on the best possible solutions for the success of our customers in the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Culture Change Management
  • HR Management
  • IT Strategy & Sourcing
  • IT Technology Consulting
  • SAP Processes & Systems