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Axel G.
Data Analyst
"Mooncamp has helped us become a goal-oriented organization almost effortlessly. I spent a fair share of time evaluating other tools and Mooncamp made the best impression, by far. Usually my team members start to moan every time we decide to introduce a new tool. With Mooncamp however, they actually enjoyed using it."
Tiziano L.
Business Development
"Mooncamp has a very comfortable user experience. Starting with Mooncamp is super easy and its extreme power is in disguise. You start appreciating advanced features step by step.
I have tried a lot of tools but Mooncamp is the sharpest for managing OKRs."
Miloš D.
CEO & Co-Founder
"I like that Mooncamp's user interface is completely intuitive, and as we are using it for the whole company, each level can grasp it. Due to its easiness it is a real timesaver during the setup and lowers the barrier for other employees to get started."
David R.
Software Administrator
"Must have for every agile company! In my opinion Mooncamp is the best solution for agile companies or those which are on their way to become more agile. Why? Cause the software is agile itself. You can customize nearly everything you want by yourself."

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