How compleet bridges strategy and daily work through an OKR reboot with Mooncamp

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compleet is a leading provider in HR Tech, specializing in workforce management, supplier management, and recruiting. In the face of global cost pressures and workforce shortages, compleet is committed to the efficient digital linking of supply, demand and HR.

Headquartered in Munich and with offices in cities such as Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Cologne, the compleet team works with over 150 talents on various projects, driving innovation and efficiency in HR.

Talking to Eva Leute, Head of Business Agility at compleet

Eva Leute

Eva, please introduce yourself. What is your role?

As Head of Business Agility, I drive organizational development for compleet. Together with my team, we support our colleagues in building the enterprise-wide capability to deliver value to our customers in a dynamic and complex environment through our HR Suite.

In terms of Objectives & Key Results, we are responsible for the application and further development of the methodology in our company.


We ventured into an OKR reboot and set up a process to help us use OKRs in a way that allows the method to have its full impact.
― Eva Leute, compleet

What issues or challenges led you to decide to implement OKR software?

We were looking for a tool that would support the process and give us enough freedom to continuously adapt.
― Eva Leute, compleet

Often in practice, OKRs are only applied to areas such as R&D departments or innovation clusters. Our approach was to use OKRs for us as a whole company. We were looking for a tool that could digitally support and map the alignment to common goals across the entire company.

The first start was classic with Excel, but at some point that wasn’t really manageable with so many teams and areas. That’s why we were looking for a tool that would support the process and give us enough freedom to continuously adapt. We had already been using Mooncamp before my time. With the reboot, we again intensively explored the market and different solutions to find one that really suits us.

Mooncamp not only has a very easy to use UI, but also offers us enough freedom and flexibility to customize the tool to our needs.
― Eva Leute, compleet

Not only does Mooncamp have a very easy to use UI, but it also gives us enough freedom and flexibility to adapt the tool to our needs, so that Mooncamp follows and supports our process instead of us having to painstakingly adapt to it. In other words, we have once again made the decision to use Mooncamp. With the new launch, we are especially looking forward to the features in the Enterprise plan.

How have the above challenges and issues impacted your business?

Integrating OKRs into the teams’ day-to-day work was a definite challenge. Our focus was on emphasizing the benefits of the method and developing simple, helpful processes for our colleagues. We wanted to make sure they could see and apply the benefits of OKRs.

We use OKRs as a tool,

  • that enables strategic alignment at all levels while incorporating agile ways of working.
  • that empowers all compleetzn (as we call our colleagues) to actively participate in shaping the shared goals and continuously aligns the team’s work to the company’s strategy.
  • that creates transparency for all and shows dependencies. By means of the OKRs, we can make ourselves aware as an organization that we need each other to achieve our common goals. At the same time, it allows us to identify the teams to get in touch with right from the planning phase, in order to start coordinating together for the next cycle.
  • that develops the organization and enables joint working remotely across locations and learning across teams and departments. We meet regularly to share what we have learned together and, above all, to celebrate successes together 🎉

Solution and implementation

What possible solutions have you considered? Did you compare alternative solutions?

We did a new tool audit and looked at other vendors in addition to Mooncamp’s platform. From continuing with Excel, using online whiteboards like Miro or solutions via Jira as well as other dedicated OKR tools, we started the review with an open mind.

In the end, we decided again in favor of Mooncamp, mainly because of the easy handling, the data storage in the EU, the competent contact persons at Mooncamp, the easy and flexible customizing as well as the visual presentation, e.g. of the goal tree view.

Please tell us a little bit about your process. Is your OKR process already running perfectly or are there things you’re continuing to optimize?

We are not about perfection, but about shared learning and continuous incremental improvement. In accordance with the agile principle of “Inspect and Adapt”, we learn together in each OKR cycle and adapt our processes, working methods or even the way we deal with Mooncamp accordingly.

Recently, I looked at our OKRs together with my colleagues and, quite incidentally, discovered new features in Mooncamp that were previously unknown to me. The team had naturally found and used them already. Learning from each other – these moments always make my day.

How have the employees adopted Mooncamp? Do you have an insider tip for successful integration into everyday work?

Mooncamp is part of the onboarding of every new co-worker.
― Eva Leute, compleet

Mooncamp’s ease of use has led to smooth adoption among our employees. Overall, a number of items have contributed to successful integration into the workday:

  • Access for all and offering basic training, Mooncamp is part of the onboarding process for all new compleetzn.
  • Integration into the daily work routine, i.e. at regular intervals such as team meetings. You should not only talk about the OKRs, but just open Mooncamp and look at the team OKRs together and work with them.
  • Many of our colleagues use Mooncamp via the MS Teams integration, so they always have all the important tools at hand.
  • We are currently testing the check-in feature with our own templates to better support the integration of the OKRs into the daily work with Mooncamp.


Since our OKR reboot, our teams have been improving in achieving their team OKRs each quarter.
― Eva Leute, compleet

How has Mooncamp impacted the overall success or success of your team?

What we see internally and what makes us all very proud is the achievement of OKRs in the new format. Since our relaunch, not only is the transparency of what we are working on together improving, but our teams are also improving in achieving their team OKRs each quarter.

Mooncamp also gives us the visibility to do that. And in terms of OKR goal achievement, the only thing that comes next is Moonshot Goals 🚀

Our OKR process also benefits significantly from Mooncamp, e.g. through the following features:

  • Overarching goals – each team connects the team Objectives to our company OKRs. This way we all know the impact we are realizing with our work.
  • Visualization of all objectives and easy measurement of progress in the team while maintaining transparency (the new tree view is very well received here).
  • Custom Fields - as an example, we tag teams that a team has dependencies with. This makes it easier to start collaborating together.

Since focusing on shared goals with the help of Mooncamp, we have seen a significant increase in productivity and time savings, which has been a key driver for our business. This has been further enhanced by integrating our strategy work into continuous communication with all teams and divisions.

The transparency Mooncamp provides has allowed us to work more efficiently. Coordination across teams and departments has also been greatly facilitated, allowing us to completely eliminate the need for additional status updates with the help of Mooncamp. When a team encounters obstacles or needs support, we can now more easily identify this and act together.

All of this has helped us find a rhythm that allows us to respond flexibly to new market conditions and customer requirements in our dynamic environment.


Eva, in her role as Head of Business Agility at compleet, has been instrumental in guiding organizational development in an ever-changing environment. Implementing OKRs was a key element of this transformation, and integrating them into daily workflow was particularly challenging. Mooncamp, with its ease of use and flexible adaptability, proved to be the perfect tool to optimally support compleet’s process redesign.

The combination of compleet’s renewed approach to OKRs and Mooncamp’s diverse capabilities has resulted in impressive progress. It was the harmonious collaboration between compleet’s strategic vision and the capabilities Mooncamp offered that made the difference. Together, they created an environment focused on transparency, coordination, and shared purpose, resulting in continued successes throughout the organization.

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