OKR Examples from Real Companies

OKR Examples

Over 40 examples of Objectives and Key Results from real companies. OKR examples for sales, marketing, human resources and many more.
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🌍 Company OKR Examples

Objective: Delight our customers

Key Results:

  • Achieve NPS of at least 45
  • Increase CSAT score to at least 75%
  • Increase customer retention to 97%

Objective: Grow our global business

Key Results:

  • Grow revenue to $100M in the US
  • Grow revenue to $30M in the EMEA region
  • Increase annual contract renewals to 85%

Objective: Build a great place to work

Key Results:

  • Achieve eNPS of at least 50
  • Reduce voluntary attrition rate to 5%
  • At least 80% of employees make use of our mentorship program

🌱 Marketing OKR Examples

Objective: Grow our pipeline of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Key Results:

  • Generate 200 MQLs from Organic Search
  • Generate 350 MQLs from Google Ads
  • Generate 100 MQLs from Email Marketing

Content Marketing OKR Examples

Objective: Supercharge our inbound marketing engine

Key Results:

  • Increase inbound traffic to trial-signup conversion rate by 20%
  • Increase inbound traffic to contact-us conversion rate by 10%
  • Broaden audience reach by increasing new user sessions on the blog by 25%

Objective: Optimize funnel of all paid marketing campaigns

Key Results:

  • Decrease cost-per-lead to $500
  • Increase MQL to SDR-QL conversion rate by 30%

Social Media Marketing OKR Examples

Objective: Make our social media channels a hub for our community and prove its strategic value

Key Results:

  • Increase share of social referral leads to 15%
  • Increase social referral traffic by 40%
  • Grow Facebook followers to 100,000
  • Grow Twitter followers to 30,000

Marketing Operations OKR Examples

Objective: Improve SDR lead processing efficiency

Key Results:

  • Average lead processing time for SDR under 10 minutes
  • Reduce manual lead routing by 60%
  • Conversational website bot qualifies and routes website leads with 80% accuracy

Event Marketing OKR Examples

Objective: Successful pull-through of our message at [Conference]

Key Results:

  • Reach 3,000 people directly (20% of attendees) via talks at [Conference]
  • Be included in 10 event articles as a partner of [Conference]
  • Generate 200 leads during the conference

Public Relations OKR Examples

Objective: Increase our awareness in public relations efforts

Key Results:

  • Achieve 60% SOV (Share of Voice) vs. main competitor
  • Our company is mentioned in 30 business press articles
  • We have at least one key marketing message included in 70% of feature articles

🚀 Growth OKR Examples

Objective: Build a healthy growth engine

Key Results:

  • Achieve a life-time value (LTV) to customer acquisition cost (CAC) ratio of 3 or greater
  • Decrease average duration to recover CAC to 12 months or less

💸 Sales OKR Examples

Objective: Build a strong opportunity pipeline

Key Results:

  • Conduct 12 product demo meetings per week per Sales Rep
  • Generate 200 new opportunities
  • Generate a pipeline volume of $30M

Objective: Increase our win rate across all segments

Key Results:

  • Achieve a win rate of 70% or higher for SMBs
  • Achieve a win rate of 50% or higher for Mid-Market
  • Achieve a win rate of 35% or higher for Enterprises

Objective: Build a strong Sales team

Key Results:

  • Hire 2 new Sales Managers
  • Hire 6 new Account Executives (AE)
  • Hire 18 new Sales Development Representatives (SDR)
  • Increase AE to SDR ratio to 4:1

Objective: Develop a winning Sales rep team

Key Results:

  • 60% of ramping reps are at or above 70% of quota
  • 60% ramped reps are at or above 100% of quota
  • Reduce rep ramp time to 11 months

☘️ Human Resources (HR) OKR Examples

Recruiting & Talent Acquisition OKR Examples

Objective: Improve candidate experience at [your company] for hiring great talent

Key Results:

  • Reduce average candidate timeline between application and offer to 35 days
  • 90% of hiring managers submit their feedback within 24 hours of the interview
  • Reduce mean time from application to first interview to 7 days
  • Increase applicant SAT score to 8/10

Objective: Maximize our recruiting engine efficiency

Key Results:

  • Increase Offer Acceptance Rate to 90%
  • Decrease Time to Offer Accept to 45 days or less
  • Increase hires vs. planned hires ratio to 0.9 or more

Employee Satisfaction OKR Examples

Objective: New team members have a great onboarding experience

Key Results:

  • Increase onboarding SAT score to 8/10
  • 100% of new team members have their desk set up with welcome gifts on the first day
  • 100% of new team members meet their manager and direct peers on the first day
  • 90% of new team members complete their onboarding tasks in the first 5 business days

Objective: Increase employee engagement

Key Results:

  • Increase eNPS to 60
  • Increase employee engagement survey score to 75/100
  • Absenteeism reduced by 25%
  • Voluntary team member turnover (rolling 12 months) reduced to 8%
  • Achieve participation rate of 85% or higher

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging OKR Examples

Objective: Hire a Diverse, High Performing Team

Key Results:

  • Women make up at least 40% of all team members
  • Women make up at least 35% of all people managers
  • New hires spend 30 hours on training in the first two weeks
  • Increase share of team members who belong to an ethnic minority to 35%

Learning & Development OKR Examples

Objective: Enable professional growth for everyone

Key Results:

  • Mentorship/coaching program is rolled out to 80% of employees
  • New internship development course is completed by all new incoming interns
  • 100% of Learning & Development team trained to effectively handle team member questions

👾 Information Technology (IT) OKR Examples

OKR examples for different roles or departments in IT, like Software Developer, Software Tester, Engineering, or DevOps.

Objective: Increase development velocity

Key Results:

  • Raise Merge Request Rate from 6 to 8 per month
  • Lower Mean Time to Production to 2 days
  • Increase Merge Requests per engineer by 30% for all teams
  • Decrease Merge Request review time by 50%

Objective: Increase product availability and performance

Key Results:

  • Drive database availability to 99.5%
  • Guarantee page speed of less than 200ms

Objective: Meet enterprise customer expectations around timely feature delivery

Key Results:

  • Achieve 1:10 maintainers to developers ratio
  • All enterprise priority issues are being completed on time
  • Identify and deliver 3 key improvements to observability and scalability

Objective: Increase platform reliability

Key Results:

  • Increase Mean Time between System Failures (MTBF) to 70 days
  • Decrease Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) to 20 minutes
  • Reduce number of days since last environment audit to 30 days
  • Increase test coverage to 70%

🧐 Quality Assurance OKR Examples

Objective: Scale QA engineering team

Key Results:

  • Hire 20 Quality Engineering Managers
  • Hire 12 Test Automation Engineers
  • Hire 1 Engineering Productivity Engineer

Objective: Drive quality of our products

Key Results:

  • Customer-reported bugs are resolved within 2 weeks
  • Reduce average number of bugs per new feature from 8 to 4
  • Less than 3 bugs reported by our users for every release
  • Write a post mortem for every critical issue in production

Objective: Improve our testing framework

Key Results:

  • Increase unit test coverage from 60% to 85% of code
  • Implement test-driven development in all 12 teams
  • Prepare new test plans for all feature requests from users

💻 Product OKR Examples

Objective: Grow product engagement of new and existing users

Key Results:

  • Increase Monthly Active Users (MAU) by 12% m/m
  • Increase 30-day retention rate to 98%
  • Improve trial account to paid account conversion rate by 20%

Objective: Establish a rapid cadence of testing & learning

Key Results:

  • Run at least one test per week for every product category
  • All tests are documented in our experiment library
  • Achieve a success-to-failure ratio of all experiments of at least 17%

⏳ Project Management OKR Examples

Objective: Ensure timeliness of our projects

Key Results:

  • Increase on-time completion percentage to 80%
  • Decrease average time spent on projects by 20%
  • Increase planned hours vs. time spent accuracy to 70%
  • Reduce average number of resource conflicts per project to below 1

Objective: Increase quality of customer project outcomes while keeping budgets in check

Key Results:

  • Increase CSAT score to 8/10 for customer-facing projects
  • Reduce customer complaints during project by 50%
  • Decrease budget variance by 20%

Objective: Create a well-oiled project management engine

Key Results:

  • Decrease percentage of milestones missed by 60%
  • Reduce number of cancelled projects to 1 per quarter
  • Reduce number of change requests after kick-off by 50%

📂 Office Management OKR Examples

Objective: Nourish a best-in-class office

Key Results:

  • Reduce spending on office supplies by 20%
  • Decrease reports of missing office supplies from 12 to 5 per month
  • Digitize 100% of our client records
  • Decrease number of office-related complaints per quarter from 8 to 3

Objective: Make internal office bureaucracy as frictionless as possible

Key Results:

  • Benchmark 3 knowledge management tools and implement the winner
  • Decrease employee waiting time until vacation gets approved to 1 day
  • Get all important team leader requests approved or rejected by leadership within the same day

📈 Business Analyst OKR Examples

Objective: Improve our processes for maintaining high quality data and reporting so business units can make data-driven decisions

Key Results:

  • Data and reporting availability for all business units is at 99.5%
  • Reduce number of stakeholder complaints from 5 to 2 per quarter
  • Reduce time between business unit request and delivery of data/reports to 2 days

🤑 Finance & Accounting OKR Examples

Objective: Build a financial planning engine that improves accounting processes and spurs business growth

Key Results:

  • Decrease Average Days Sales Outstanding to 55 days or less
  • Achieve 10 day close or better this quarter
  • Increase Capital Efficiency ratio to 2.5
  • Deliver quantified savings of $500k this quarter

💪 Customer Support OKR Examples

Objective: Improve repeatability, timeliness and quality of service delivery

Key Results:

  • Customer support tickets are replied to within 2 hours or less
  • Customer support tickets are solved within 3 days or less
  • Increase average daily tickets closed per Support team member per month to 45
  • Decrease time to customer onboarding complete to 2 days
  • Expectations management training delivered to 100% of team members

Objective: Continue to build an outstanding Customer Support team

Key Results:

  • Decrease manager to support rep ratio to 7
  • Increase hires vs. planned hires ratio to 0.8
  • Increase ARR per support team member to $1.5M

Objective: Deliver a best-in-class customer experience

Key Results:

  • All support reps have a personal CSAT score of 97% or more
  • Resolve high-priority (tier 1) customer tickets within 2 hours
  • Resolve mid-priority (tier 2) customer tickets within 24 hours

🔐 Security OKR Examples

Objective: Ensure compliance with laws and policies

Key Results:

  • We conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 (certificate obtained)
  • We conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27017 (certificate obtained)
  • We conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27018 (certificate obtained)

Objective: Increase readiness of IT to act on security issues

Key Results:

  • At least 10 members of IT are trained to understand and act on violation findings
  • Evaluate 3 security monitoring solutions and implement winner
  • Hire an interim Director of Security
  • Platform vulnerability scanning is automated and evaluated every day

🎨 Design OKR Examples

Objective: Improve onboarding experience

Key Results:

  • Decrease sign-up time to 1 minute or less
  • 80% of new users should start and finish guided onboarding

Objective: Increase overall usability

Key Results:

  • Achieve a score of 75 on the System Usability Scale survey
  • Decrease number of user interface-related issues by 20%

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