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September 19, 2023

Duplicating dashboards and content cards

You can now duplicate your custom dashboards as well as the individual content cards they contain. By using an existing dashboard or content card as a template, you can streamline the process of creating and adjusting new odashboards.

September 6, 2023

Introducing: Custom Dashboards 📈🎉

The first version of custom dashboards is here!

Custom dashboards can be used for anything. Here are just a few of many use cases:

  • Company Cockpit: An executive summary encapsulating the company’s vision, mission, and values, as well as top-level KPIs and overall OKR progress.
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR): An in-depth analysis of quarterly achievements, growth, challenges, strategic initiatives, as well as OKR highlights and lowlights.
  • Weekly Management Report: A report that highlights key accomplishments, challenges, and focus areas for the week, aiding in short-term decision-making and planning.
  • Personal Dashboard: A tailored view featuring individual OKRs, your check-ins, personal notes, relevant files, and quick links to your team members public profiles.
  • Department Overview: A comprehensive snapshot of a department’s mission, key metrics, goals, team members, and other possible reports, like OKR leaderboards.

Head over to the new Insights section and start building your dashboards now 🚀

P.S. This is just the start: In the future, even more features, report types and use cases will be available! If you have suggestions for new insights or features that would make custom dashboards more valuable to you, do let us know by using the feedback button in the upper right corner of the screen 😍

Learn more about custom dashboards in our help center: EnglishGerman

August 8, 2023

Quickly add relevant goals to your check-ins

We recently added new options to quickly add goals. You can now choose to either add all goals from your last check-in or all goals where you have been mentioned in a property (such as Owner, Contributor, etc.).

August 2, 2023

Restore deleted goals from Trash

Say goodbye to that feeling of panic when you accidentally delete a goal. You can now restore deleted goals from a trash folder located at the bottom of the sidebar. From there, you can also choose to permanently delete a goal if you wish.

July 17, 2023

Introducing: The Goal Tree 🌳🎉

If you’re on the Pro or Enterprise plan, you now have access to one of our most anticipated features: the goal tree view. Here are a few of the many ways you can use it:

  • Use the goal tree view as a drawing board to map out all your strategic pillars, focus areas, goals, and initiatives in a hierarchical view.
  • Give everyone a high-level overview of your company’s strategy and the alignment of your goals and OKRs.
  • Zoom in on OKR sets of certain departments or focus areas.
  • Quickly discover isolated goals and align them under the correct parent goal.

You can also create and edit goals directly from the goal tree view or rearrange them via drag and drop.

Learn more about the goal tree in our help center: EnglishGerman

This is only the beginning! We actively listen to our customers and can’t wait to hear your ideas and suggestions for improving the new goal tree. If you like or dislike something, have ideas for additional goal tree features, or how we can improve it, we encourage you to use the feedback function at the bottom of the page and send all your brilliant ideas and feedback our way 😍.

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April 20, 2023

Improvements to the sidebar

We have made some improvements to the sidebar: The first thing you might notice is that your personal Home view can now be found at the top of the sidebar for better visibility. In the near future, the Home view will receive an update that makes it more powerful and useful (once we have released our new “Custom Pages” and “Custom Dashboards” feature).

Another improvement is that you can now quickly access different views of your goals directly from the sidebar by clicking on the arrow next to team spaces. Lastly, “My workspace” is now called “Spaces” 🪐.

March 28, 2023

Inline editing for aligned items on goal detail pages

With inline editing you can now directly edit aligned items on the goal detail page, providing a faster and more efficient way to manage your goals.

This feature is part of our preparation work for the upcoming goal tree feature, which will allow you to visualize and manage the relationships between your goals in a tree view.

February 14, 2023

Inline editing on cascade views

We are pleased to introduce a new feature that allows you to edit the content of your goals inline. Now you can quickly and easily modify your goals without having to open the goal detail page.

February 09, 2023

Introducing refined email notifications

With this improvement, your check-in and goal update notifications will now come with the check-in message and goal updates included. This allows you to see all the important details regarding your check-ins and goal progress directly in your emails.

January 11, 2023

New formatting options for the goal description field

Enhancements to the “Description” field of goals now allow for the use of various formatting options. You can include bullet points, numbered lists, file attachments, and image inserts.

January 11, 2022

Introducing the new Resource Center

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Resource Center! The new resource center provides helpful video tutorials and resources on how to set, track, and reach OKRs to help you get the most out of Mooncamp. You can find the new resource center under “Help & Support” at the bottom of the sidebar.

December 06, 2022

Introducing the Health dashboard 🎉

With the Health dashboard, you can do a comprehensive health and quality check on all of your organization’s goals. Consider it a cockpit from where you can quickly identify and solve any issues with your goals, like missing property values, invalid parent goals, or measurement types.

This helps to ensure that your whole goal management process is running smoothly and that everyone follows the Goal and OKR rules that you configured in the settings area.

This is what one of our customers said: “The dashboard is like the OKR police!” 🚓

November 29, 2022

Introducing: The Pro Plan

We are introducing a new Professional Plan (”Pro” for short) that allows companies to use advanced features to execute their strategy and scale their OKR initiatives.

November 18, 2022

Expanded and collapsed goals are saved

Goals & OKRs

Mooncamp now remembers which goals you expanded or collapsed in the cascade view, so they will appear just the way you left them the next time you open the app.

November 2, 2022

Dashboard improvements: Deeper insights into your goal progress

Goals & OKRs

New insights have been added to the breakdown report at the bottom of your performance dashboard.

The column “Progress” now shows the expected value and the absolute and relative change (in brackets) compared to the previous period. The data in the column “Status/Confidence distribution” is clickable now, so you can see which goals have which status and how many goals have moved between status segments compared to the last period. Finally, teams are now presented in a nested structure.

October 26, 2022

Set dedicated icons for all of your goal types

Goals & OKRs

With dedicated icons right next to the title of your goals, it is now easier to quickly scan your goal table and know what the type of each goal is. You can also choose to hide the “Type” column in your table to save some space as you already have the information available.

Are you a workspace admin and want to set icons for your goal types right now? Head over to your settings area and under “Types and rules”, you can now specify the icon and color for each of your goal types.

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October 4, 2022

New icon picker: Assign icons to goals, teams, views, and more

Goals & OKRs

Tired of emojis? 😩 You can now choose to assign icons to your teams, goals, favorites, or custom views.

Define top level goals
September 27, 2022

Extended goal hierarchy rule: Define top-level goals

Goals & OKRs

You can now determine that a goal type cannot be aligned to other goals. To achieve this, simply deselect all goal types in the field “Can be child of” and hit “Save”.

This is useful if you want to make sure that goal types, such as “Strategic Pillar”, are always on top and cannot appear beneath other goal types.

For a refresher on Goal and OKR rules, visit our help center:


Define top level goals
September 23, 2022

Dashboard improvements: New confidence level report and deltas for goal types


In case you use the confidence level system, we added a new “Overall confidence” report. You can also see the delta to the previous period.

Additionally, you can now see the deltas for all goal types in the “Goals by type” report, along with the total count of all goals.

New confidence level report and deltas for goal types
September 13, 2022

Dashboard: a new look for progress and confidence insights!

Goals & OKRs

The progress area has been enhanced — areas are now colored according to your chosen thresholds in progress settings, and you can display a trend curve that helps you track and estimate where your progress is heading. Additionally, you can see how many goals are in different progress buckets, and deltas that allow you to compare this distribution to the past.

The confidence area is also new, featuring a similar view allowing you to better track your confidence in achievement over time.

New Progress and Confidence Area

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